To maintain muscle glycogen levels.

Waxy Maze is a starch based carbohydrate with a heavy molecular weight. Thanks to this particular feature, Waxy Maze has a low osmotic value allowing it to stay in the stomach twice as long as compared to other types of carbohydrates. Yet, Waxy Maze does not absorb water making it the ideal carb for endurance athletes.

Waxy Maze rapidly penetrates the intestinal tract where it is quickly digested and absorbed providing instantaneous energy. Complete and rapid absorption allows for an efficient renewal of glycogen stocks before, during and immediately after training. This process gives you faster recovery with less muscle breakdown and better protein synthesis.

Suggested dosage

Mix 1 portion (30 grams) or more of Waxy Maize in your favorite sports or protein drink, and consume before, during or after training


Waxy Maize (High molecular weigt Carbohydrate)

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